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Some Common Recruiting Mistakes
Most employers have been through the experience of recruiting an employee only to find out later that they were not as good as they first appeared to be. Employing the wrong candidate can be costly for a company in many ways – recruitment costs, training costs, loss of production and so on. So what are these common mistakes?
  • Not defining the specifications of the job and the person
    It will pay you to spend time (and perhaps even money) in preparing a good job specification and a good person specification. The most common reason for a vacancy is because someone is leaving or has left. The manager who is left to recruit a replacement will know what the job is but he will often be unable to specify what sort of person is needed to fill the job.
  • Not keeping to the selection process
    Most people get sidetracked very easily. The candidate may have skills which could be used in a different job but not the in the job you are recruiting. Spending too much time on the irrelevant. Discovering that the candidate has useful information about a competitor. Deviating from your selection process can easily cloud your judgement.
  • Asking for the impossible or difficult
    By basing a specification on the last person who held the job may produce a specification of a person who it is difficult or even impossible to find. Trying to find an exact replica of the previous employee is unrealistic. The more difficult it is to find that person the more expensive he will be. You need to be flexible when selecting a candidate. If the person is talented, he or she will quickly adapt to the job.
  • Having too many criteria
    Adding to many factors to your specification will dilute the process of making the selection and could result in making a poor selection. Having a maximum of, say, 6 to 8 important factors is considered to be most effective.
  • DIY Recruitment
    Anyone can recruit but not many people can recruit as well as a professional recruiter. People who only recruit occasionally will not have the resources or the experience of someone who does it on a daily basis. It is not uncommon to find a small company who fails to attract a single suitable candidate from their advertising.

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