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Cost Effective Recruiting
In the last number of years many companies have made cuts in their overheads including cuts in their HR and recruiting budgets. Now, as a need arises to employ new staff, companies find that they lack the staff and/or resources to recruit new people.
  • Prepare your Recruitment Strategy
    A well prepared recruitment strategy and a candidate criteria is necessary. The time you spend to do this will not be wasted because it will save you time, money and it will find you the "best" candidate. If you are not sure of what sort of candidate you are looking for then you will waste time and money searching for the wrong candidates.
  • A large cost which is often overlooked is the cost of recruiting someone who turns out to be a poor performer, slow to learn the job etc. So you need to ask yourself if your procedure is robust enough to ensure that you only select and employ the "best" candidates.
  • Expensive Resource
    Using, for example, a busy production manager to recruit could be waste of an expensive resource at a time when you are very busy. This wasted time could be much better used in him improving productivity. The result is that many companies attempt to reduce the visible costs of recruiting and end up inflating hidden costs. You will need to ask yourself if it is cost effective to use a senior manager to recruit at the expense of their real job. Recruitment is often a very time consuming process, which, if done by a specialist, can be done much faster and better.
  • Using a Third Party for Recruitment
    Using a third party for recruitment is no different to using a third party elsewhere in your business such as, for example, an accountant. A recruitment company will have the expertise and processes to find the "best" candidates faster and cheaper than many small or medium sized companies. Recruitment companies invest lots of time and money in building a database of high quality candidates including passive candidates. Passive means candidates who are not actively looking for a job but are prepared to change a job if and when a suitable vacancy arises.
  • CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Programming
    Workforce Plus Ltd specialise in international recruitment of CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Boring and CNC Programming candidates. Constant recruitment activities over many years has produced a database of many highly skilled CNC candidates to help find the "best" candidates for you.

  • Workforce Plus helps you recruit and select highly skilled quality candidates - candidates who will help you improve your business.
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