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Motivation and recruitment of temporary workers
Companies spend large sums of money on motivating permanent staff, to bring out the best from them and to reduce the attrition rate. For any scheme to be totally effective it needs to motivate all of the staff, all of the time. Temporary staff have to be in some way included; failure to do so will reduce the overall performance of the entire workforce. As companies rethink their strategies to cut down on overheads by using flexible staff they must also consider motivating their temporary employees. Many incentive programmes focus on short-term objectives so it should not be too difficult to include temporary staff in the programme. It should be remembered that whereas a permanent member of staff will be looking more at long-term issues, a temporary worker will only be focussing on the short-term.
It should be remembered that, just as the employer has the right to terminate the employment of a temporary worker without notice, the temporary worker can also leave without notice. A motivation scheme can be a useful tool in creating loyalty and reducing staff turnover with temporary staff just as with permanent staff.
Money is not always the biggest motivator, the possibility that the temporary assignment could turn into a permanent full-time job would be a very strong incentive for some people.
Workforce Plus Ltd specialises in the recruitment and selection of CNC Operator Setters Programmers. Constant daily recruitment activities has produced numerous candidates with a wide range of skills. These candidates, together with access to other resources, puts us in a very strong position to help you fill your CNC vacancies with highly skilled candidates.
Some employers prefer to recruit workers on a temporary to permanent basis. This means that the worker is supplied to you on a temporary basis. The employment can be terminated without any notice at any time during this temporary period. After an agreed period of continuous temporary employment you may employ the worker on a permanent basis at no additional cost. We normally prefer to make permanent placements but we are prepared to consider temporary to permanent basis placements.

Workforce Plus helps companies recruit and select high quality candidates - candidates who will help to improve productivity, teamwork etc.
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